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Are More Lives Too Many At My Age?

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I became and empty-nester and decided to follow my bliss into my third…and fourth lives. I recently returned to school start my Master’s degree with hopes of teaching at my local community college. Additionally, my retirement plan is to turn my career as a social worker into Life Coaching. So, I need to learn to teach, mentor and coach in a whole new way. And thus begins my journey down the information highway…..

My first stop is to obtain free access to expertise from professional mentors and bloggers.

Faculty Focus


Structure and Expectations Can Improve Student Participation in Online Discussions

By: Rob Kelly in Online Education

Clear expectations, structure, and instructor intervention can go a long way toward getting students highly engaged and highly interactive in online discussions.

Faculty Focus is a blog offering articles on a number of topics written by a variety of professionals. The information is brief, yet informative. The website also includes links to full articles, books, publications, training opportunities and newsletters. The archives are helpful for the learner whose needs differ from the current musings of the blog authors.  The hyperlinks create easy access to additional resources and tools that a reader may not be aware of on their own.

Cathy Moore


Tips for webinars or virtual training

“What tips do you have for giving webinars?” People have asked this a lot lately, so here’s my opinionated answer.”

Cathy Moore’s blog is solely authored by her but the information is more extensive and includes specific instructions on how to use the tools she offers. Her articles are clear and concise for easy use and understanding. Many useful tools are available on these blogs for the experienced as well as the beginner to utilize in their professional development as trainers and teachers.

Coaching Blog

Will Craig

What’s Your Game Plan?

by Will Craig

As coaches, we spend the majority of our time helping others achieve their goals and dreams. We help clients come up with a game plan that is realistic, challenging, and workable. What about your game plan?

What is your vision for 2014? What resources are available to you to meet those goals? What steps will you take to be certain you are in the position to help others? It’s Your Turn

Coaching Blog provides blogs that are short, motivating and thought-provoking. This blog contains thoughts and inspirations for life coaches and their clients.

As a teen and new driver, my father taught me the safest way to navigate inclement weather on the road was to follow a professional driver whenever possible. He taught me that they had the experience to read the road, anticipate the hazards along the way and protect the driver behind them. He also taught me that they were always willing to help fellow travelers in need. Dad’s advice has served me well in many aspects of life so I am confident in following it again.


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